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“…immediately grips the attention of the audience, stimulates the mind, touches the emotions, and captivates us with the story line, drawing us right in, in such an intimate setting that it makes us feel as if we are eyewitnesses…”

Broadway World »

“Cry It Out by Molly Smith Metzler is a candid, intimate piece of theater that surprises, illuminates and thrills at every turn … It’s theatre so superb, the end result is truly electrifying.”

Jim Ruocco »

“…a fine production of a fine play, featuring outstanding performances. How can you possibly pass this up?”

The Ridgefield Press »

“Thrown Stone has turned up the heat, setting the atmosphere ablaze with an emotionally intense drama that ignites the mind, and fires up the senses”

Broadway World »

“A gentle, heartfelt meditation on life and love”

CT Theatre News & Reviews »

“There have been fiery performances before, but none as scorching hot as the ones in Jacqueline Goldfinger’s The Arsonists

The Ridgefield Press »

“Thrown Stone has yet again brought a first-rate show to Ridgefield, showing that they know how to consistently produce shows that have never before been seen in the area”

Broadway World »

“For those who are seeking the bold and the unusual, Ridgefield now has a theatre for you”

CT Post-Chronicle »

“A Captivating and thought-provoking performance that captures life”

HamletHub »

“Both shows are strongly acted and greatly enhanced by captivating designs. Colors swirl. Fires Crackle. Bunnies hop.”

Hartford Courant »

“Thrown Stone has set the bar high on their debut production”

Broadway World »

“This is provocative theater at its best”

The Ridgefield Press »

“A riveting experience that grips your heart and doesn’t let go.”

Broadway World »


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