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Introducing the Cast of our 2022 Season

Welcome to your #GirlPower summer. Thrown Stone is pleased to introduce the cast and creative team of our 2022 summer season: Athena by Gracie Gardner and Hysterical! by Elenna Stauffer. These fiercely talented artists have come together to share two unabashedly candid stories of girls’ athletics. In true repertory fashion, the cast of Athena will also perform parts in Hysterical! and two intrepid “swings” will understudy multiple roles.

We selected our season at the end of last year, but these plays and our season’s focus on young women in athletics have only become more relevant since then. Over the past two years, women’s sports have been at the center of cultural conversations around access and equity under Title IX, pay inequity, institutionally-abetted abuse, and mental health. Athena and Hysterical! take wildly different,  “hugely appealing” perspectives on women’s athletics, friendships, and the challenges of growing up as a teenage girl. In our cast, we were fortunate to find artists with a passionate drive to tell these stories in all their unflinching honesty. We have a lot to talk about this summer, and we can’t wait for you to join the conversation!

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