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We believe the cultivation of new work is an indispensable endeavor — one that helps give voice to our community in the culture at large. Our partners understand the value of this vision, and help make it a reality.

Producing Partners

Sustaining Partners


The Goldstone Family Foundation

Contributing Partners


Supporting Partners

AltaVista Holiday Home
Audrey Road
Bailey's Backyard

Blue Hammer Creative
Colonial Cleaners
Craig's Fine Jewelry

Fairfield County Bank
Hudson Milk
Interiors & Designs by Ursula

New York Community Trust

The Lewis Fund

Nod Hill Brewery


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Executive Producer


Daniela Sikora



Gina Pulice
Jonathan Winn & Amanda Curtin



Jon & Kim Jodka
Jason and Alana Peck
Alicia Wyckoff




The Crispi Family
Catrina Dugger
Chuck & Barb Jennes



The Calia Family
Eva Dean Welchman
Ninette Enrique
Patricia Kekedjian
Kietha Kinne
Lesley Lambton
Vanessa Landegger
David & Lynne Lehmkuhl
Andrew Levine
Arnold Light
Alicia Longobardo
Valerie Parker
Paul & Judi Stoogenke
Russ and Lisa Taylor
Betsy Thompson
Robert & Victoria Trainer



Robert & Annette Bonwetsch
Margaret Curtin
Laura & Eric Dobbin
Jeff Krulwich
Dana Kuyper
Don & Amanda Martocchio
Amy Piantaggini
Thomas & Catherine Savoca
Bruce Strothenke
Wynter Warshaw



Jeffery Albanesi
Joanne Hudson