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We believe the cultivation of new work is an indispensable endeavor — one that helps give voice to our community in the culture at large. Our partners understand the value of this vision, and help make it a reality.


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Supporting Partners

Bailey's Backyard

Blue Hammer Creative

Cellar XV Wine Market

Dimitri's Diner
Houlihan Lawrence
Ridgefield Parks and Recreation

Stacey's Totally Baked

Fairfield Museum & History Center


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Executive Producer


In memory of Linda Almira
Charles & Kerry Tyler





Richard & Karen Calo
Jennifer Dineen & Terrene Mahon*
Liz & Steven Goldstone
Jon & Kim Jodka
Andrew & Jeanine Levine
Alicia Longobardo
Mike & Kathryn Malwitz*
Dean & Theresa Miller
Kate & Matthew Schardt
Robert & Vicki Trainer
Jonathan Winn & Amanda Curtin



Dan Butler & Kirsten Salley
Jeff & Linda Krulwich
Alana & Jason Peck
Gina Pulice



Michelle Saad Barnes
Christine Boris
Jennifer Dilaura
John Frey
Mark Gilliam
Diana Glubiak
Lenore Eggleston-Herbst
Hattie Herman
Barbara Manners
Thomas McIntyre
Cindy Rigby
Lili Schroppe
Paul & Judi Stoogenke
Joel Third
John Vignoli
Rachel Wimpee
Zelda Zieselman



Elenna Stauffer Dunham
Sarah Fox
Anne Giroux
Richard Harrison
Mary Hoermann
Jay & Joyce Miller
Lenore Millian
Elaine Mintz



Phyllis Appel
Christa Carone
Maxwell Caserta
Justin Cowan
Amy Day
Katherine Fischer
Katharine Gelfman
Madelyne Gray
Hildegard Grob
Alice Hayes
Joanne Hudson
Lin Jamison
Barb Jennes
Brenda McKinley
Marge Mullin
Ben Oko
Nancy Rowe
Jeremy Sawruk
David Sigworth
Julie Stevenson
Carolyn Stockage
Kathleen Theisen
Wendy Vickery
Angela Whitford
Jessica D. Williams
Deborah Wolyniec
Michael Wright

Corporate Matches

Bank of America
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
PepsiCo Foundation

* Includes in-kind donation of goods or services

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