Author: Sarah Fox

Shamare Holmes

SheWorks and Thrown Stone: Career Readiness for Women

Today’s blog focuses on the stories of two amazing women, Shamare Holmes and Wiktoria, a Thrown Stone intern, who are using their passions to carve space for others — and  to follow their own dreams.

Shamare serves as the Program Director for Live Girl, a New Canaan, CT organization founded by Sheri Weist in 2014 that provides year-round leadership development and mentoring for girls Grades 5 through college. According to Shamare, the program encourages middle school girls to “lead themselves,” high school girls to “lead each other,” and college-aged women to “lead in the workforce.” Read more

Shannon Barnes and Olivia Billings

A Sport of Skill, Speed, and Wit

“I love knowing for a moment that I’m objectively better than someone else. I spend so much time comparing myself to other people … even if it’s at this weird archaic sport. Maybe that’s why sports exist?” says Athena early in the play named after her. It’s a brilliant line that frames some of the deepest questions surrounding the sport of fencing, and perhaps all sports. What does it mean to win, to truly win? And is winning a product of the mind, of the body, or of both in tandem? And in what proportion?

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