Birdhouse Decorating Contest

May 4: Vote for Your Favorite Birdhouse

Thrown Stone invites you to our continuing series of community events around the theme,  #CloseToHome.

Compete in our Birdhouse Decorating Contest!

At the Free Spring Fling, Thrown Stone gave away over 50 bird houses for our Birdhouse Decorating Contest. If you did not get a birdhouse from Thrown Stone, you can still participate with your own birdhouse, built from scratch or purchased at any craft store.


  1. Decorate your birdhouse with your family. Work together. Be creative. Make it a house any bird would be proud to call home. Share your progress on social media with the hashtag, #CloseToHome.
  2. May 4th , 8am – 9:30am. Bring your completed birdhouse to Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance for display and voting. Remember Main Street will be closed for Downtown Ridgefield’s Spring Stroll, so be sure to allow extra time to get there.
  3. May 4th , 10am – 4pm. The birdhouses will be displayed for voting during Downtown Ridgefield’s Spring Stroll from 10am – 4pm. All Spring Strollers are invited to vote for their favorites in various categories. All contestants will be notified of the outcome by email after the stroll.
  4. May 5th – June 1. Winning birdhouses will be displayed in the Ridgefield Library.
  5. June 1. Winners may pick up their birdhouses at the Library.

May 4: A busy day in Ridgefield! 

In addition to the Stroll, The Rotary Club of Ridgefield will be hosting their Ridgefield Rotary BBQ and Music Festival and RVNA will be having their annual Health Fair at East Ridge Middle School.

Questions? Concerns? Need design advice?

Contact us or call (203) 442‑1714.

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