Girl Power Now Streaming Through August 7

Thrown Stone is pleased to offer our Girl Power season on the Overture + streaming platform. Now you can stream each show for just $20.

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Athena by Gracie GardnerAthena

by Gracie Gardner
New England Premiere
July 14-August 6, 2022


Mary Wallace and Athena are brave, and seventeen, and fencers, and training for the Junior Olympics. They practice together, they compete against each other, they spend their lives together. They wish they were friends.

  • “Gardner’s ear for how sporty teenage girls talk and spar is right on the money and it’s refreshing to see how seriously she takes them, passing no judgement in the process. It helps that the actors here are both terrific. Barnes’ brash bravado masks a crushing insecurity and Billings is touching and immensely funny…” — Tom Holehan
  • “A high energy exploration about women, friendship, sport and a clash of swords… a witty, conversation fueled coming-of-age drama full of real-life action and banter, wonderfully calibrated by director Tracy Brigden. It’s shouty. It’s forceful. It’s fast. It’s intriguing. It’s challenging.” — Jim Ruocco
  • “An engrossing, highly satisfying exploration into the lives of two young individuals. ” — Stuart Brown

Hysterical! by Elenna StaufferHYSTERICAL!

by Elenna Stauffer
New England Premiere
July 21- August 7, 2022


It’s the Bandits’ best year EVER! Until… one by one, the cheerleading squad succumbs to a mysterious illness. As the traditional pecking order is upended, the girls’ relationships are tested. With a deceptively comedic first act, Hysterical! addresses serious subject matter, examining the vulnerabilities of teenage girls and the poignancy of life on the cusp of adulthood.

  • “FLAWLESS. Definitely worth experiencing” — Zander Opper
  • “It is witty and engaging. Its quality never wavers. It’s a significant achievement in modern theatre. It prompts immediate attention. It kicks surprise and wonderment into high gear. It works brilliantly on every level.” — Jim Ruocco
  • “Join the pep rally that reveals a unique coming of age story that you will not soon forget.” — Bonnie Goldberg

You will be able to watch the shows on any computer or mobile device, including the ability to cast from your browser to your television. The performances, recorded on July 23, will be available 24/7 through August 7th.

If you need help, please call our box office at 203-442-1714, Monday through Friday, from 11AM to 5PM, or use our contact form. Please note that our box office staff is working remotely, so it may take some time to respond.

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