Bart’s Tree Service

Barts Tree Service is a family owned and operated business out of Danbury, CT since 2004.

Their team of arborists use industry-leading techniques and solutions for pruning and trimming trees, treating and preventing pests and diseaseremoving trees from delicate or seemingly inaccessible locations, grinding stumps and planting trees.

Owner Matt Bartleme is also one of the most important patrons of the arts in the community, supporting the Bart’s Tree Service Comedy Series at the Ridgefield Playhouse, The Lounsbury House, ACT of Connecticut, and more. This year, Matt will be helping Thrown Stone source and engineer set materials for Cry It Out and Birds of North America. We’re thrilled to welcome Bart’s Tree Service to the Thrown Stone Family.

Barts Tree Service

14 Lakeview Drive
Danbury, CT 06811

Web: Phone: 203-364-5626 Email:


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