Phyllis Kinlow

Phyllis is a graduate of Post University where she majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in management. She also holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership from the Gabelli School of Business and Social Service at Fordham University. Phyllis has various licenses and certifications in public housing, mediation, and related fields. Phyllis was responsible for running a midsize nonprofit antipoverty agency’s programs, including housing assistance, home heating assistance, daycare center, food assistance, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, and tax preparation.

Phyllis is currently the co-chair of the Greater Danbury Reentry Collaborative (the Roundtable) and the founder of newly formed non-profit, Rising to Opportunity that will assist Returning Citizens successfully acclimate into their community following incarceration.

Phyllis’ mission is to advocate and support those who are returning home and promote a healthy lifestyle by introducing alternatives to incarceration. Her vision is to open a Welcome Center where they will receive a warm hand off and a “Happy to See You, Welcome Home!”