Covid-19 Safety Partnership with RVNAhealth

Safety is always Thrown Stone’s first priority, especially as we returned in 2021 to present The Suburbs during the Coronavirus pandemic. Performing outdoors was essential to audience safety, but for a company of artists working closely through a workshop, rehearsals, and performances, additional protocols had to be in place. 

First and most importantly, we worked under Actors’ Equity Association’s Fully Vaccinated Safety Rider. Four staff members were certified as Covid Safety Officers, and with the input of our company members, developed safety protocols that met or exceeded AEA’s Fully Vaccinated Workplace requirements. 

Testing was a critical part of our plan, and while weekly testing was not required of a fully-vaccinated company, we needed to have tests available on demand for any company member. For this, we needed a partner. 

We reached out to RVNAhealth, a healthcare provider that serves 35+ communities across Connecticut. Originally founded as the “District Nursing Association” in 1914, their mission is “to deliver unmatched, compassionate healthcare when and where it is needed.” RVNAhealth is active in our community, and our friends there were quick to help us with a sponsorship that met our unique needs. 

We met with Laura Shulman Cordiera, Director of Community Health & Wellness. Her team reviewed our safety plan and made antigen, PCR, and antibody tests available to our company at their Governor Street facility in Ridgefield. Testing was a simple matter of parking in a designated testing space, calling the nurse on duty, and receiving the test. Antigen test results returned in a matter of minutes, and PCR test results were returned the next day.

From mid-July to mid-September, RVNAhealth was an indispensable partner in keeping our company, and by extension, our community safe. Their support enabled our return to live performance in a way that was compliant, safe, and aligned with our values. We invite you to explore RVNAhealth’s services, and ways you can help this invaluable community resource. 

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