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Ridgefield is a special place for the arts. It has rich history, world-class practitioners, and a devoted audience that understands both the economic and and personal impact the arts has on our lives. What Ridgefield didn’t have until this year, was a professional theatre company dedicated to new plays.

Thrown Stone’s mission is to fill that indispensable need. We believe new theatre gives voice to a community in the culture at large, and is an essential marker of vitality. As we prepare what’s next, we want to share how we’re going to achieve that mission — because HOW we do things is as important as WHAT we do.

For Thrown Stone, it all comes down to our six core valuesCultivation, Innovation, Place, Collaboration, Integrity, and Technology. We do it here, we do it together, and we do it right — and that means we compensate our artists. If these values resonate with you, we invite you to support our first full production:

There is a lot going on behind the scenes right now, and we’re very excited for what we’re about to announce. Sorry to tease, but if you want a hint — it definitely has to do with the Collaboration value we mentioned above. More news to come!

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