Dimitri’s Diner

Dimitri’s Diner

Dimitri’s Diner was established in 1994 with the goal of bringing a family restaurant in the true Greek tradition to Ridgefield. The menu is one of the most expansive and interesting you’re likely to find anywhere in the area. In addition to an assortment of familiar American breakfast, lunch and dinner selections, Dimitri’s offers a delightfully diverse assortment of Greek, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Tex-Mex and Mediterranean specialties. Dimitri’s is a Thrown Stone favorite, and we’re so happy to partner with this Ridgefield treasure.


In 2019, Dimitri’s will host Thrown Stone’s Lunch with the Interns,  a celebration of our hardworking interns’ first professional theatre gigs. Want to join us for “Lunch With The Interns?” We’re looking for underwriters to help give our interns their first paid professional theatre gigs! Contact us for more information.

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