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Andrew Levine

Welcome to the Board, Andrew Levine!

Thrown Stone is honored to welcome Andrew Levine to our Board of Directors. Andrew has been an integral advisor to and advocate for Thrown Stone since our inception, and we are delighted to benefit from his vision, his leadership, and his passion for new work as we continue to build the company.

Andrew has enjoyed a multifaceted career in the performing arts, working as a musician, arts administrator, educator and producer. Currently he serves as the managing director of the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in lower Manhattan. Previously Andrew served as the Executive Director of the York Theatre Company.

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“I believe Thrown Stone, under the leadership of Jason Peck and Jonathan Winn, brings to our community a new perspective on the stories we need to tell each other,” says Levine. “More than that, these new plays have the power to bring some healing to our fractured present and help us find empathy and compassion for ourselves and for the ‘other’. It’s why theater is so necessary and it’s an exciting journey to be on.”


Thrown Stone cultivates artists and audiences through opportunity, education, and mentorship, emphasizing new work and unconventional approaches to repertoire. We are committed to integrity, inclusiveness, and using technology to serve the region with theatre of distinction.

Emily Wilson

Welcome to the Board, Emily Wilson

Thrown Stone is pleased to welcome Emily Wilson to our Board of Directors. Emily practices law in Norwalk, CT, and has served the community on numerous boards and commissions in the public and non-profit sectors. A lifelong devotee of the performing arts, Emily has graciously agreed to serve as Thrown Stone’s General Counsel.
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