Jeff Krulwich

Welcome to the Board, Jeff Krulwich!

Thrown Stone is honored to welcome Jeff Krulwich to our Board of Directors. A Harvard Business School-trained executive, Jeff has had a wide-ranging career in consumer packaged goods and has over 20 years of experience as a consultant for global brands. Jeff is also deeply involved with the community, and regularly volunteers his time as a consultant to a diverse array of local groups.

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“I attended Thrown Stone’s first reading of Milk and was moved by the quality of the performances and the artistic vision” says Krulwich. “I kept in touch with Jason and Jonathan, eventually leading a strategic brainstorming session for Thrown Stone with Harvard Community Partners last summer, where I was impressed with how far they’d come in so little time. I was very pleased to be invited to help serve Thrown Stone’s unique mission.”


Thrown Stone cultivates artists and audiences through opportunity, education, and mentorship, emphasizing new work and unconventional approaches to repertoire. We are committed to integrity, inclusiveness, and using technology to serve the region with theatre of distinction.

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