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Women Entrepreneurs’ Happy Hour

July 23: Join us for Happy Hour


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July 23 will be a special day in Ridgefield. It’s the first day both of Thrown Stone’s 2022 productions will perform on the same day. We start with a matinee of Hysterical! at 2pm and finish with an 8pm performance of Athena. Many Thrown Stone fans relish the chance to see both shows in a single day, with dinner in between.

This year, The Ridgefield Library and Thrown Stone are pleased to invite you to our Women Entrepreneurs’ Happy Hour, from 5-6pm on July 23 at the Ancient Mariner, located just steps away from Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance at Ridgefield Shopping Center. Featuring a lively panel discussion with some of the most visionary entrepreneurs in Ridgefield, this free program is an opportunity to hear “how they built it,” expand your network, and raise a glass to the women of Ridgefield. Read more

July 5: Positive Parenting at the Ridgefield Library

Positive Parenting

Resources for Teen Girls

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You read all the books, you join all the clubs, you drive her to all the activities — but even the most engaged parents might not be aware of all the resources available to them and their teen daughters in Western Connecticut.

Positive Parenting: Resources for Teen Girls is a panel discussion with youth leaders and experts throughout our region. They’ll tell their stories of helping teen girls thrive, and point you to the opportunities that are right for your teen. Read more

Meet the Cast

Introducing the Cast of our 2022 Season

Welcome to your #GirlPower summer. Thrown Stone is pleased to introduce the cast and creative team of our 2022 summer season: Athena by Gracie Gardner and Hysterical! by Elenna Stauffer. These fiercely talented artists have come together to share two unabashedly candid stories of girls’ athletics. In true repertory fashion, the cast of Athena will also perform parts in Hysterical! and two intrepid “swings” will understudy multiple roles. Read more